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Today, I intend to show you an example of treatment I applied to a picture. What you can see is the original picture, directly issued from the RAW and without any work on it. Below, you can see the picture before and after processing with Darktable.

As I only work with open source softwares (Linux, Darktable…) I use software you may don’t know. On Windows equivalent is Light Room and Aperture on Mac.

Well, you should know that the more you use a professional camera, the more the pictures look savourless when you work with RAW files.

The less you use a casual camera, the more the internal software “cheats” with your pictures and artificially adds brightness, contrasts, colors…

Well, when you work with RAW files, you only do what your camera usually do. Difference is that with RAW files you have the hand on the way you want your pictures look like.

Let’s come back to my picture entitled “Dark side of the wood”. Nothing really special with this picture except the contrast between the darkness under the trees and the light of the lawn. That’s why I tried to accentuate this natural contrast.

For that, I worked on the tone curves and then on the level and repartition of the light. I added some contrast, a bit of sharpness and that’s all!

View of the panels and dashboard of Darktable software

View of the panels and dashboard of Darktable software

This picture was easy for me to work. It took may be 30mn to find out the appropriate treatment. But for most of pictures, I need much more work to get the result I want!

And you, tell me if you use such a software and which one!

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