Billboards war!

Today is an important day for me! We put our pictures on the walls of the exhibition halls!

I made just this little break to show you these buildings in Cairo that display a lot of billboard ads.

Every single balcony holds an ad visible since every cars driving along. I took this pictures because, for me, it’s a sort of art seeing that so much ads on a building forms something very different from the initial building architecture.

They are ads everywhere here in Cairo, from the smallest to the big giants LCD billboards we can see from everywhere. I’m not even sure people look up to watch them so it may be difficult for advertisers to define their ad to catch attention.

That’s why I guess that this ads market seems a bit like the law of the jungle where small ads try to exist nearby giant ads!

I remember seeing this kind of “jungle” in other countries in Africa, but they reach here the state of art in this fight!

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