The Ricoh GR: The perfect stealth camera

I finally got to use my new Pentax K3 camera yesterday with its beautiful FA 77mm 1.7 limited lens. I can say that it has totally blown my mind!

It’s very fast, very accurate and the 77mm is a really stunning lens, perfect for portraits but a bit too long with an APS-C sensor.

I spent my whole day yesterday in the streets of Cairo, downtown, nearby Tahrir Square! Forget everything you can see on occidental TV, this place is very safe and I wonder how it could be different. People here are so gentle, kind, smiling everytime and everywhere.

Taking pictures into the streets has never be that easy unlike in Paris where you’re perceived as a dangerous sexual pervert when you want take pictures of kids.

As a foreigners, I’m welcomed by all people, invited to drink tea in every little coffee, discuss with people trying to speak with you in french.

Here I feel much less fear than in some areas in Paris or in the train and people don’t look at you as a threat.

Egypt is a great country and Egyptians a very kind people! You should go there to see that!

2 Comments on The Ricoh GR: The perfect stealth camera

  1. Tres belle photos…with so much atmosphere…Je suis inspiree!!

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