From one side to another

3 days without posting new pictures, it has been a while… I took may be 300 pictures the last 2 days and all of them are very good and I intend to keep only 50 of them, the best ones!

I show you today 3 new pictures of Egypt. Before coming here in Egypt, that country was to me the country of Pyramids, mummies and the King Valley.

The great pyramids of Gizeh

The great pyramids of Gizeh

I’ve to confess that Egypt is much more that only the antic Egypt! When I arrived I wanted to see the pymarids as soon as possible but… I saw them the last day I stay in Cairo and believe me… they’re not the most beautiful part of Egypt!

Before the Pyramids, you’ve to meet Egyptian people, you need to walk in the old islamic Cairo, eat some foul by an ambulant merchant, drink some tee at the terrasse of a coffee and so much other things!

You also need to visit Hurgada! What a lovely place!

So, today, the pictures you’re going to see is a resume of my last 3 days! I hope you’re going to enjoy watching them!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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