Good by 2013! I’ll miss you…

More than 1 week without any news on my blog… In my defense I travelled a lot this last 2 weeks!
My friend Ahmed and myself have been invited to pass 4 days in Hurghada, a very nice leisure city along the Red Sea where we had a lot of fun and sun!

Then back to Cairo by bus, then Paris by plane, Montpellier by train and my final destination in the french Pyrénées with my car! Almost 25h travelling in less than 1 week. I’m exhausted but with a lot of great memories! I wish I can do that again and hope to be back soon in Egypt!

Well, as I finally have a internet connexion where I’m resting, I can spend time to summarize how 2013 has been a special year!

At first, I switched as a professional photographer in October but that move was clear in my mind since the beginning of the year and became more and more clear in my head in March and I took my decision in June.

This has not be easy to leave everything behind but I reached a breaking point that I couldn’t ignore. Sometime, anticipate to avoid the wall is better than taking the risk to hit it …

For the time being I’m happy with my decision. I met wonderful people this last 2 years who helped me a lot to understand this new world for me, its codes and its rules. I’ve so much to learn before to pretend to be a photographer.

Nevertheless I progress. In less than 3 months, I competed in 5 international photography competitions with almost 20 pictures and 6 of them came out of the crowd and were distinguished.

2013 Accepted photo guilhem ribart artetic

I participated in 3 major photographic trips in 2013. One in Meknes in June, one in the mountains of France in August and one in Egypt in December and took almost 1 000 pictures in one year! Right now I’ve only processed less than half of this pictures. May be some unexpected treasures are still sleeping in my hard disk waiting I open them. Hope so 🙂

I’ve several projects for this new 2014 year. The first one is to go in Dubai if I’m lucky enough, then spend some times in Morocco with photographers friends, then I hope going to Bangladesh and visiting around like Nepal, Thailande and China.

My deep wish is to continue meeting wonderful people around our little tiny planet and live with and among them because we have so much to share together!

Nuage de mots guilhem ribart artetic

I love you so much, hope to meet you soon!

I wish you a happy new year

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