Back in my archives – A 2005 photo trip in Tunisia

Back in my archives, I went 4 days in Tozeur (Tunisia) in 2005. On that occasion I bought my first DSLR camera so it’s the first time I took “true” pictures!

I remember I bought a Sigma 18-200 to go with the DSLR and I took almost 1 000 pictures in 4 days. The DSLR was a Canon EOS 350D, a very good camera in a technical way but as all Canon, very bad ergonomics. Indeed, how can you expect to take pictures with only one wheel on the top of the body? 2 years later I switched to Pentax that is the best ergonomics on the market!

Well, let’s be back in Tunisia with my little 350D. I went there by end of september and one day we took this train for tourists at the Metlaoui train station to go in the mining mountains around that place. When the train started to go, a lots of kids were running around us and accompanied us for the first kilometer.

My first pictures ever!

My first pictures ever!

I was situated at the end of the train so as to have the view on the entire train and its back and was able to take these pictures of the kids.

All this kids were claiming money or goodies from tourists. It was funny for most of people but I didn’t really enjoyed that moment, it was like tourists in a zoo throwing food to animals. Bad feeling for me.

My first pictures ever!

My first pictures ever!

And you, would you have thrown money to these kids?

2 Comments on Back in my archives – A 2005 photo trip in Tunisia

  1. It depends. If it was thrown with sincere because you know families are struggling in that country. I can see you doing that. Those who laugh who think it’s funny to see children run after them for what food or change you throw out that is sicking. They are not animals they just so happen to be living in a place where its alot of poverty.

    • Thank for your comment, you’re the first one 🙂
      I totally agree with you, that’s why I wasn’t comfortable to see people throwing out money to these children

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