Vivitar series 1 105mm macrophotography lens

The legendary one!

I bought in 2008 a legendary lens: The Vivitar Serie 1 105mm Macro 1:1 f2.5

I’m not really fond of macro photography because that kind of photo requires patience and I don’t like patience when I take pictures… I’m always in the decisive moment, I like spontaneity and to be surprized by events!

But sometime I like to use again this lens so pleasant to use! Its focus ring is so soft, so precise… When I think to this lens I want and need to use it!!!

I took these pictures in the Paris’s area, in summer when flowers try to see the sun between 2 clouds in the sky. But unfortunately for them I was there and used this light to take pictures of them.

I’ve to say that when I use this georgous lens, I don’t need to process the pictures afterwards as I usually do with other lenses. Colors, sharpness and contrasts are naturally perfect and don’t need to be enhanced!

This lens has been manufactured in the early’s 80 when Vivitar was still recognized as a top manufacturer of camera equipment for movies and photography industries.

I bought it in 2007 on ebay from a man in the USA who bought a photo shop and in the purchased stock he found several old and never used or opened lenses in their boxes.

He put them on ebay to a very cheap lens and I was fortunately quick enough to bid  and buy this legend! Less than 1 day later, the sale on ebay was cancelled by this man and 1 week later he put again these lenses on ebay with a more “appropriate” price!

How lucky I was! Thanks to him I now own one of the best macro lens ever built!

4 Comments on Vivitar series 1 105mm macrophotography lens

  1. J’aime surtout le rouge dans ton “lever du soleil”

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