Night and fear over Pyrenees mountains

It has been a while since I took pictures by night for the last time!

That’s why on yesterday I took my tripod, my Pentax K3, FA 20mm f:2.8 and FA 35mm f2 and I went out to chase the good picture!

It was cold, around -6°C, very dark because it was empty moon and the sky was covered by clouds.

Nobody outside, just me walking in the fields trying to find a good view point!

I found 3 good places to take pictures, and one of them was very… let say… special… because I realized afterwards that I was in the middle of a large herd of wild boars when I took 2 of these pictures!

When I arrived I heard a lot of noise from pigs but I thought there was a piggery nearby and when I left my viewpoint I didn’t see the piggery…and then I realized from where the grunts came…

I think they were much more afraid than me!

Regarding the pictures, exposure time is around 8mn, ISO 100 and f:8! Usual 🙂

Long night exposure

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