It’s after snow time!

Hi everyone!

I’m in Morocco since 2 days and for the next 8 days for work. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take some pictures because I’m very busy there.

That’s why I show you today pictures taken last week in my french Pyrenees mountains when it snowed a lot. Landscapes were absolutely georgous so I want to share with you what I was lucky enough to see by myself!

Campagne montagnardeFirst picture is very classical, taken when the clouds were touching the ground, with a clear foreground and background in the fog.

That’s a photo very easy to take but result is often quite magical, specially with the snow that oversaturates the brightness.

Second one, is a close photo of a little tiny stream going through ice and stone. It looks very dark, very tortuous.

Cours glacé

The third one called Cloudy reflux is something typical of this area.

At night, clouds are resting on this large mountain plateau and at dawn with the sunrise, winds rise and push away all these clouds in the valley, letting appear a very shiny sun!

That’s why you can see then the last picture, when all clouds have been pushed away and let show the snow over the trees. Magical isn’t?

And the last one is a shot of a house lost in the middle of the forest and that seems really isolated next the snow has come! I’d love to be in that house, with a good fire, a cup of tea and a good book to read!


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