Wildlife photography competition

Back in 2012, I was in Africa for a 2 weeks trip with my best friend. We decided to spend one day in the Chobe National park alongside the Zambezi river.

I took with me my favorite lens, the Pentax FA* 300 and we embarked on the boat that took us on the river to go to see wildlife! At this place, Zambezi river is separated in 2 by a huge island where stand animals like buffalo, elephant, crocodiles and so much more.

It’s possible to approach very closely and in safety all this animals, that’s a very great place when you own a tele lens as I am.

Chobe national park

On this island, we saw this lonely elephant who came in our direction, not really threatening but not really peaceful either. Fortunately we were in safety on the boat!

I took 4 pictures of this elephant. 3 from face, 1 from back. Here are the best clichés I took of him.

You can also see a picture of the local eagle who stood on the top of the only tree around waiting for a prey!

Chobe national park

Don’t even think to hide!

We had a lot of fun in this national park. I hope being able to go back in such a beautiful place to see more wildlife and take pictures of them!!

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