Ghost mining town – A photo trip in Sardinia

Did you know Sardinia has always been a mining island with the mining of obsidian in a first time.

It started around the 6th millennium BC with the slant of Monte Arci  that was one of the most important Mediterranean centers for mining and processing of volcanic glass.

Later, around 3000 years BC started the metal working and attracted Phoenician merchants around 1000 BC then Carthaginians in 800 BC.

In 236 BC the island fell under Roman domination and mining activity grew strongly with rich gold ore bodies of lead and silver.

Successively dominated by Byzantines, Vandals, Genoa / Pisa, crown of Aragon, house of Savoy and eventually by the Italian unification, the island always remained a very high mining place!

But extraction on the island known rapid and huge expansion during the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini and the discovery of large coal deposits in the late 30’s…

Below several views of the mining museum of Carbonia opened in 2006:

Map of the mine:

End Part 1, to be followed

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