Salt manufacturing in Camargue

Most people know Camargue in France as a big delta where Rhone river flows into the Mediterranean sea. There live a lot of great birds like pink flamingos and migratory birds you can see in natural park like the Pont de Gau bird park.

Camargue is also famous for its Camargue cattle breed and the cow boys called gardians. This is a rich area composed of very big pastures where cattle eats a lot of good grasses. Cattle is gathered every spring for breeding, branding and earmarking cattle. Games like rodeos or corridas are organized which attract a large public and are an opportunity to party.

But we’ll see that later this month as soon I’ve some pictures to show  🙂

Today, let have a focus on another industry in Camargue, the salt manufacturing. You’ve already seen one picture of a evaporation pond, now let’s have a look on the salt harvesting process.

I was last week at a salt factory closed for the week end. Access were closed by a high fence but I found out a tiny passage to go through, then I arrived at a little tunnel. Once crossed, I stopped, stunned by the sight!

Imagine a pure white landscape with big salt dunes and used mechanicals dispersed everywhere. I was at first sight impressed by the contrast of the white dunes with the blue and yellow colors of the mechanicals as you can see on some of the pictures.

There were salt water everywhere on the ground and a lot of wind which made this quick trek not really easy and comfortable. By jumping over a big puddle I fell into the water and was instantly soaked and salted! Fortunately, my camera was safe and was able to take the following pictures!  🙂

Let me now quickly describe the process of the harvesting of the salt.

First of all, once the water inside the pond is entirely evaporated and that the surface looks like a big white desert, the salt is picked up with tractors to form large dunes of salt:

Large white dunes in Camargue

Large white dunes in Camargue

Then a excavation tractor digs into the dune to extract and pick up the salt:

The salt is after that driven from the tractor onto a conveyor belt placed near the dune and intended to collect the excavated salt:

Finally, this conveyor belt moves the salt to a treadmill that drives the salt into the factory beside the tunnel I crossed when I arrived, you remember? 😉

As the factory were closed at that time I was unable to take pictures from the inside. But I know there is another salt factory not far from my home I could visit. So I hope to go there to take picture and show you the whole process!

Last but not least keep in mind that there is one thing that pleases very much to all bloggers… it’s by leaving comments and rating posts! It’s very important for me to know what you like or dislike and how I can improve myself to satisfy! So, let me a comment and tell me what you think!

19 Comments on Salt manufacturing in Camargue

  1. Un décor à la “Mad Max “…..;-) !

  2. We have salt manufacturing in Croatia too, but it does not include conveyor belts. Guilhem, have you given some thought about being a guest blogger for B&W Sunday – you can pick the theme 😀 I have an opening in March (which would be any black and white Sunday in March). Let me know….

    • Oh sure! It would be an honor for me! How many words can i write?

    • I was thinking about a photo challenge for my Black and White Sunday or a colour post for Thursday’s Special, not the story. However, if you want to give some ideas or pointers for photo shooting, that would be great. I haven’t thought about word count – I personally get bored very quickly and go as short as possible. What do you say? Do you have a preference, a theme- would you like to be a guest challenger and if yes, as a black and white or colour one?

    • I’ve no preference! You’re the boss! 🙂
      If I suggest theme or preference, it wouldn’t be the same taste 🙂

    • No, no, no, no, no – You have to come up with the theme 😀 Just tell me if you want to do it in B&W or colour. (black and white goes on Sundays) and colour on Thursdays. Here is the link to the themes so far

    • Oh yes, sure! I understand now 🙂
      Well…Can I choose B&W? 🙂

    • Absolutely, thank you. Now I just need you to pick any Sunday in March that suits you and to give me a theme 🙂

    • Well… I’m traveling end of Februar.. I think that March 7th could be good with a TRIBE theme 🙂

    • Tribe? It will be a very difficult one 😀 A word of warning – my visitors are allowed to post whatever they like if they can’t come up with something fitting for the theme. 😀 Thank you, Guilhem, I will schedule you for tribe on March 7th 🙂

    • If you think it’s too difficult, I can change!
      My intention is to see photos related to the origins! It could be the family, an old village, tribes, anything.

    • It is a challenge :), I will put it 🙂 Let people think beyond the obvious. It could be tribal not only tribe – people are free to stretch the interpretation if they want to – to a tribal mask, tattoo or similar :D. I, myself have nothing, but I am not worried – it is a great theme Guilhem!

    • Please, feel free to write an introduction before hand that I will (if you write it) include in the “scheduled challenges” page – about directions for the theme. I have now found out that tribe can be a group of plants too :O

    • I think that Sunday is 8th not 7th. Is that ok? 😀

  3. Outstanding blog, thanks for following my blog .Best regards.

  4. Salut Guilhem,
    Superbes clichés…..l’ambiance,le rendu,les perspectives ! dommage que moi et l’anglais…. 😉

    • Merci p’titJo, ton commentaire me fait vraiment très très plaisir!!
      Désolé pour l’anglais, mais justement une des raisons qui m’ont fait passer de Tumblr à WP est de pouvoir faire du multilingue….
      Sauf que pour le moment j’ai un peu la flemme de le faire et que je cherche avant tout de finir ce site et entre autres les pages et la boutique.
      Mais je ne désespère pouvoir mettre en place le multilinguisme début septembre!

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