Visa off pour l’image 2014 of Perpignan… my set of pictures

I was in Cairo in december 2013, not far behind Tahrir Square and less than 6 months after the events of June 2013 and the fall of the regime of Mohammed Morsi.

Thanks to my friends, I was able to go several time onto that famous square and around, having the opportunity to take pictures of local people living their usual life, far from all the violence we were used to see at the TV regarding the egyptian events.

During my stay there there’s been three bombing attacks against military bases and policemen but at no time I felt I was in danger, may be because people always keep smiling, to be kind with me. To be true, I felt… overprotected! Cairo is so huge that there was no chance that I am faced with an attack.

The following photo has been taken between December 5 and December 16th, in difference locations in Cairo but most of them directly on Tahrir Square or nearby around.

I could hardly believe that less than 6 months before more than 12 millions people were gathered there to protest against the government and brought it down in July. People were all very welcoming and friendly, smiling, intending to show that situation was back to normal.

And it’s true, people live there as if nothing ever happened before. People have a tough live, they all mainly have their own shop or business, they start early in the morning and close late in the night. But it’s business as usual for them!

I’m pretty sure they already worked that much whether under Moubarak’s regime or Morsi’s government. Main difference is for sure that since 2011 tourists are much more rare and making money is much more difficult now that the country went through an economic collapse.

The Visa off Perpignan festival

The Visa pour l’image festival of Perpignan is the most famous photo reporter festival in the world. It takes place every year in September in Perpignan and gathers many professional reporter photographers. A parallel competition called “Visa off” is organized and lets to non-professionnal reporter photographers to attend the festival and compete in a dedicated section with more than 200 others photographers.

Exhibitions are in local restaurants or shops so as people can easily and directly access to the photos all in a very friendly atmosphere.

Above are the 15 pictures I’m going to send to the committee, with the hope to be selected to attend the festival and compete with other reporter photographers.

For the moment I’m not sure about how I’m going to name this exhibition in French.

I think to call it “La révolution normale“, but I’m not convinced yet.

Is someone have a better idea? I want a title saying that the revolution went through this country but people are still living the life they’re used to live since ever.

A printing of one of this 15 pictures to win if someone finds a nice title that I can use!

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