one month later….

Last year in June 2013 I created my first blog on Tumblr blogging’s platform. Less than 1 year later, last March, I decided to switch from Tumblr to WordPress to get better blogging options and nicest design. What about 1 month after this switch? The time has come to do a first summary of you, my loyal visitors!

The first very interesting thing is that you’re much more numerous than I could hope! More than 1 100 visits since last mid March from all around the world with 38 represented countries!

The most represented country is of course France, my homeland, with 409 visits. It’s big but not that much compared with the 1 100 overall visits!

Then we have UK with 239 visits and USA (203 visits). Not far behind comes Morocco with 117 visits and seven countries with almost the equal number visits in the top 10: Italy, Canada, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, South Africa and Egypt!

To all of you, I want to thank you very much for regularly visiting my website! I hope you enjoy the new design and the content I post almost everyday!

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