Pink reflections

Flamingo reflections in Camargue

Flamingo reflections in Camargue

I want to show you today something different from usual horses and bulls photos we all have seen from Camargue.

I went in May in a natural park dedicated to birds nearby Sainte Marie de la Mer village and called “Pont de Gau“.

The visit was very enjoyable with many differents species of birds everywhere and a large population of flamingos. Weather was very nice, without any wind accordingly the water was very quiet and favorable to the reflections.

That’s why I tried toframe differently my pictures to get something original by playing with the reflections of the water and the verticals!

6 Comments on Pink reflections

  1. Disturbing at first sight, but the more I come to your blog, the more I click on that exact frame, or come back just to look at it as thumbnail – cela devrait tout te dire 🙂 Comment a ete ta journee?

    • Oh thank you so much!! That is for sure a nice compliment!! 🙂
      Well you know here in Johannesburg, it’s continuously raining since 3 days and for at least 4 days yet 😦 it’s pretty cold and we’re supposed to be in spring, almost summer…. So I stay at home to work on my photos 🙂
      And you? How is your week? Ah, tell me something. I think I’ve understand you work for your own as translator. Did you try to use

  2. I like how the ripples in the water become the focal point on this picture. 🙂

  3. Love it. Beautiful picture.

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