Street contrast

As in every big cities in the world, poor people and rich men are mixed together in the streets. But rich people can’t see the poor because they’re going with their big, luxury with tinted glass cars.

Poverty is never and won’t be never something we, as human, we want to see because it reminds us how we become if we fall down. We live in a rough world which switched from wars between countries to a worldwide economic war that kills people everyday from starvation or diseases.

I don’t say liberalism is a bad thing. Liberalism was helpful to let new countries to develop where communism / socialism led to failure even if their basics were to let people to live better. But, once again as human, we shouldn’t let such children live in the streets begging for some money or food.

Girl begging for money in Bangkok

I know it’s difficult to do anything that really helps. But you, if you’re lucky enough to drive such a big car, never forget that you too, one day, you could be back down the streets…

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