You like Buddhas? Here are some!

Last thursday I went to Ayutthaya, the former capitale of Siam Kingdom destroyed by Birmans in 1767.

I took a Mini Van at Victory Monuments square in Bangkok and in less than 1h I was arrived! The sun was very bright and weather very hot! Some of my friends told me it was the hottest day that they have known this year! So I was happy to be in a car with the A/C!! It has cost me only 60 Bht (1.2€) for almost 100km! Transportation prices are very low in Thailand!

When arrived in Ayutthaya I took a Tuk tuk for 5 hours and the driver made the visit of the main temples of the city located in the middle of 2 branchs of the Chao Phraya river.

Temples (called Wat) are really beautiful. All of them have been destroyed but since its inscription at UNESCO in 1991 restauration is ongoing and we can feel how beautiful this city has been before his destruction!

Unfortunately, most of the temples are not restored yet and most Buddhas statues are still beheaded. Orange is the main color here! Buildings are wrapped in huge orange draperies and almost all statues too!

Some people are dedicated to serve the Buddhas, cleaning them and ensure the draperies are well suited to the statues. Others take care over Turtles as they are very highly considered there.

I think that the man below dedicated 30mn of his time to clean all that single shell!

Some details are particularly impressive! There are gifts for gods in every corner of the streets and teamps with beautiful orange flowers everywhere! The giant Buddha of Wat Phanan Choeng is very huge, may be more than 15m tall!

Nearby, Wat Phra Mahathat is probably the most famous temple in Ayutthaya with its Bhudda head imprisoned in a tree.

I highly recommend the visit of Ayutthaya! The visit is quite short so you don’t need more than a day to see everything. Just plan to leave Bangkok early in the morning and you’ll be back end of day at 6 or 7PM!

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