Upward social mobility in Bangkok!

Bangkok is a really great and modern city with high buildings and skyscrapers, efficient public transportation by skytrains, metro and bus with dedicated lanes, great parks and lakes, huge malls with all the brands you can think of and, as in every big modern cities around the world… huge traffic jams 24/7.

Well, this part of the city really looks like all modern cities you can visit in USA, China or Japan.

But fortunately you still can walk in old fashioned (intentionally preserved?) areas. These parts of the city may looks like very poor but I assure that people don’t seem poor and most of them own new and big cars!

I took that picture from the 12th floor of the condo where I was staying with my 200mm lens. That’s why all the plans of this picture seem compacted in only one single plan.

The foreground in the bottom of the image seems to be the poorest of the picture. But the more your eyes go up in the image the more homes seem modern and upscale… like a perfect example of “Upward social mobility“!

Buildings in Bangkok

Buildings in Bangkok

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