Facebook – Your favorite pictures!

As many of you, I’ve got a facebook page where I usually post the pictures that I don’t judge good enough to be posted on this website. But sometimes I realize afterwards that these pictures appear to please a lot of people!

Starting today, I’m going to differently think about the way I use my Facebook page. As many photographers I think, the main concern with pictures is to figure out how much they can please the audience and not to the ego of the photographer! It’s really not easy, I promise!

And I recently realized that I like images that are not the same as the ones you like! Thanks to Facebook I get 2 important information to figure out this important thing: the number of views of each picture and the number of likes!

Thanks to Facebook it’s easier to me to know which pictures are the most popular just by reading these 2 statistics!

Here are the top 3 of the most popular pictures posted on my Facebook page over the last month! From now, I will post here every month the Top 3 of the most popular pictures posted on Facebook!

Do you really think these 3 pictures deserve to be in the top 3? In my opinion not, but it’s only my personal point of view! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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