Farmer works in Morocco

I was yesterday in the countryside around Khemisset (Morocco) to take photos in the evening with a friend of mine. The evening was very nice, not too cold nor hot contrasting with the very hot afternoon we had that day.

Khemisset is a small sized city between Rabat and Meknes whose economy is based on agriculture (wheat and apple) and local handicrafts. The city is not really a pretty city but the countryside is very beautiful with lot of cultivated fields, many small hills and a nice lake! Unfortunately It wasn’t really interesting to take pictures at daylight because the light was very bright and contrasts too strong.

But the evening, just before sunset, the light was very beautiful, very soft! Perfect moment to take pictures!

I was there, sitting on a top of one of the tallest hill, overhanging the fields over kilometers! I was lucky enough to dominate the evening work of animals gathered into their pens for the night.

This was what I call a good photo session! 

5 Comments on Farmer works in Morocco

  1. Hi Guilhem, I’m from the pool. You said you wonder what people find (like or otherwise) in a picture (i.e. photograph). Well I guess people in general are just the same as any photographer: they love visuals.

    But with one big difference: only the photographer can really feel it (ambience, atmosphere etc), since the viewers are only allowed to see what’s inside the frame.

    So I guess it’s more or less like telling a story—with only one shot. 🙂

    PS: If you’re a movie guy, try Zatoichi—a 1989 Japanese movie by Shintaro Katsu (be warned, though, for there are many versions of Zatoichi), and be quite watchful when a painter-samurai is at work, you’ll know what I mean. Cheers!

    • Hi Kutukamus and thank you very much for your word! I totally agree with you! Telling a story is the main point and it’s all about personnal sensitivity!
      I watched Zatoichi filmed in 2003 and I loved that story! I’m going to find the 1989’s version and I’ll tell you!

      Thank you very much for your so helpful feedback!

    • No problem, Guilhem. 🙂

  2. Morocco is a photographer’s paradise. You can be amateur or professional you will always find this country fascinating and full of beautiful shots.

    • I totally agree with you!! So many different landscapes, a country at the same time modern and with old traditions and customs, perfect for a photographer!

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