Ramadan Airport

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post here 😦

I’m now in Johannesburg since more than 1 week and I enjoy very much my time there! I’ve not started yet to take pictures cause I still need to get used with the South African accent and with how to act with a camera. But I think that may be tomorrow and at least next week I will start to post pictures here or on my facebook page. I’ll see that.

Today is a picture I took at Casablanca airport. I took off the day before the beginning of the Ramadan. The airport was full of people coming back in their countries in order to fast with their family. As I took a flight to Doha that is a location that allow to easily reach the Mecca, most of the passengers in my plane were dressed in white dress for the pilgrimage. It was a really nice ambiance.

The women on that picture were likely waiting to embark on a flight for a muslim country of west africa like Ivory Coast, Senegal or Mali. They were seated in a corner of a vast hall dedicated to the restaurants and coffee and were eating all together with their kids.

Taking this picture wasn’t easy at all for me as they were isolated in that corner. But as most of the time in Africa, a big smile and they let me taking the picture. I don’t regret it 🙂

The day before Ramadan at the Casablanca Airport

The day before the Ramadan, many muslims people come back into their family

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