Siyakwamukela ku-Johannesburg!!

Please welcome this first picture from the street of Johannesburg! It was so impressive to me to get outside the mall where I stood that afternoon and take time to walk down the streets.

Well… I must admit that I was in a very safe area and that I wasn’t really courageous to do what I did. But it was a nice first and scary try 😉

I took time to discuss with this small group of Pick and Pay cashiers having lunch on the lawns. I had a small and quick chat with them, introducing myself, my work and why I wanted to take a picture of them. We talked about the great summer weather on Paris compared to the winter time here in Johannesburg! And let me tell you, weather here in winter is by far much better than the summer one in Paris!

Well, thank you guys for this good time talking with you, wish you the best and may be more photos next time we meet!

Pick and pay cashiers

Cashiers of Pick and Pay in Johannesburg having their lunch on the lawns along the mall

2 Comments on Siyakwamukela ku-Johannesburg!!

  1. I love South Africans. I find that they’re so curious about cameras and are more than happy to chat with you and pose for a photo.

    • For sure they don’t fear cameras! Never tried to walk alone in the streets of Joburg to take pictures of people but it’s coming soon I hope 🙂

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