The Market Photo Workshop

I visited today a very big Art teaching acamedy in the center of Johannesburg, founded in 1989 by David Goldblatt a world-renowned photographer . The place stands in a kind of former factory that is now dedicated to teach Art to the inhabitants. You can there practice photography, craft, many kind of craft, etching and so many things! The place is huge and very beautiful! I was very impressed to see so many teachings and most of teachers are volunteers who help when they can.

I went there because I would love to share my experience of photography with the students here and make contact with local artists. I met several volunteers there and I need now to see with them how I can help them to share my photography skills.

Art market seems to be very developed in South Africa. There are a lot of art gallery here and many artists are really gifted! We often say that we can judge the development of a country to its art industry. And South Africa is by far the most developed country I’ve seen outside Europe and USA! It’s good to see!

I plan to travel next week to visit Cape Town and its country side. Then I intend to have 2 days of deep dive in Soweto so as to have a wide view of what’s South Africa now 20 years after the end of Apartheid. It won’t be a full view of this so big country but I’ll have many things to show here later in August! So stay tuned!

Please feel free to tell me what I’ve to visit here or people / gallery to meet, I’d be glad to discover new things thanks to you!

8 Comments on The Market Photo Workshop

  1. Hi Guilhem, Thanks so much for the follow on my blog – I am thrilled to count you among my followers! You are doing amazing work!!

  2. Enjoy your time in my beloved country! Perhaps visit Hector Pieterson memorial and museum.

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