Last stop before Antarctica, welcome to Cape Town!

Yesterday I took a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the deepest south point of Africa! I travelled with Flymango from Lanseria airport that is a privately owned international airport situated north west of Johannesburg. Privately owned, that’s the first I see that regarding an airport and I must say that this one is really good even it’s a small one, mainly dedicated to national flights.

I rented a car at Avis offices and went out all the day today on the west coast above Cape Town and drove all along the ocean up to the Koeberg power station, the sole nuclear plant of the whole africa, built by the french in the 70’s!

Weather was very cloudy and windy, with some hard rains but also sunny sometimes. Well, a perfect weather to take pictures of the raging sea but this wind was really freezing!

I went only by chance to the Koeberg power station and I don’t regret this encounter! I saw by far this huge building over the sea, hidden by a little fog due to the wind over the sea and was wondering what it could be! I then arrived at the guards building to ask them about this huge building and they told me “Please reverse, access is forbidden to the public!” with their hands over their guns! A bit scary I must say!

I then decided to get closer by walk by the beach and arrived to this sign telling not crossing the (virtual) line, but nothing more! I walked several meters more and had the perfect view to take nice pictures with the storm approaching and the raging sea! Next time I come back with geiger counter, just for fun!

2 Comments on Last stop before Antarctica, welcome to Cape Town!

  1. Hemingways of Hermanus // 7 September 2014 at 9:08 AM // Reply

    Suggestion: Take the N2. Approx. 50 km East of Cape Town centre take turn into Gordons Bay and follow the coastal road to the East towards Bettys Bay, Kleinmond and Hermanus … 😉

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