Welcome to Rondekuil!!

Beautiful south african farm in the countryside of DurbanvilleI visited a beautiful farm around Durbanville, the Rondekuil farm with a beautiful view of the Boland Mountain Ranges and Table Mountain. I’m very thankful to my friends John and Andre who let me visit all the farm and the fields and taking very nice pictures!

The farm is very big and provides an ideal facility for conferencing, weddings, parties and other corporate and private functions. The main conference room is very nice with awesome decoration!

But as a photographer, my eye was attracted by this part of a not yet renewed house with a missing ceiling. What a beautiful place to take unexpected pictures and take advantage of the recent rains that created a mirror over the floor with many nice reflections!


9 Comments on Welcome to Rondekuil!!

  1. Love the lines, the blue and white – typical of Cape architecture!

  2. This is beautiful! Love the edges, the symmetry, and the asymmetry. 🙂

  3. good shot, both edges are visible correctly

  4. Hey I like your blog and the photographs you take. Thank you for following my travel blog ctgirl92 🙂 You can follow my lifestyle blog ctgirl92lifestyle as well http://ctgirl92lifestyle.wordpress.com/

  5. Love the reflection. This photo is beautiful.

    • Thank you Kaye! It’s weird to see that as photographer I prefer to focus on “unexpected views” rather on the beautiful buildings of this farm! 🙂

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