It’s all about confidence!

As all my Facebook followers already know, I left Cape Town last friday morning to move to Johannesburg by car through Port Elizabeth.

It’s a 1 815km and 21h road trip and I went through beautiful landscapes that reminded me the great forests of Canada, the death valley in the US, the green countryside of UK and the magical plateau of Massif Central in France!

This 3 days road trip was really enjoyable, but I think that a 5 days trip would have been more adapted to take more time to visit and take pictures!

At the midpoint of the road trip I can say we were really isolated! There’s only one (good but tight road) and you cross only 2 or 3 small villages all along 400km! You’d better have fuel tank before the beginning of the crossing!

We intended once to stop at a service station in such a village to get some coffee and tea and having a quick rest. It’s said in South Africa that service stations are the safest stops you can find. They’re open 24/7, under surveillance and protection, you can buy some eating or drinking and have a rest.

But not in this 400km desertic crossing! The service stations look more like a small garage without security around. It doesn’t really matter during the day, but by night… I wouldn’t even try to stop there because it looks like a worrisome place. But I must to admit that when we stopped there all people were really kind and helpful! Prejudices probably…

And the same prejudices stopped me to try to get some money at the ATM inside this building… May be I was wrong… 

Would you get cash at this ATM? I didn't...

Would you get cash at this ATM? I didn’t…

And you, would have you been inside to get money at the ATM? Tell me in the comments!

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