VISA Off 2014, let’s get it started!

Invitation VISA Off perpignan 2014 guilhem ribart artetic

Official invitation to the VISA Off 2014 festival. Don’t hesitate to come numerous!

The time has come!

Next week the VISA Off festival is starting! Agenda is very busy with the opening to the audience on August 30 and closing on September 13th.  The festival has already started for me last Friday with the reception of my pictures and my first visit of the fashion shop where my exhibition takes place!

The shop is a very nice and lovely place in the heart of the old streets of Perpignan, hosted in an all renewed mansion! It’s going to be very funny!

The exhibition is hosted at “La factory by le Cabanon” fashion shop located 5 Rue Lazare Escarguel in Perpignan and don’t forget to come to say hello! I’d be glad to meet you and have a talk!

I’ll be at the shop next Tuesday to put my pictures on the walls and work on the invitation. Opening is on September 9th, just before the end of the festival because journalists and most of people prefer to visit on second week.

I wish you’ll be there at the opening! If you plan to come, send me an email to request your invitation!!


Key dates to remember are:

  • August 28th: Press conference at 10:30 AM
  • August 30th: Opening of the festival
  • September 4th: Awards Ceremony
  • September 9th: Vernissage of my exhibition
  • September 10th: Night of the Off
  • September 14th: Last day of the festival

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