Table mountain view over Cape Town!

When I was last month in South Africa, I traveled for 10 days to Cape Town to visit this beautiful city and its countryside (and drink some very nice wine too…). One day I had the intention to climb with the cableway up to Table mountain. But the cableway was unfortunately closed and I went by foot to the top of this 1 100m high mountain…

What a beautiful view isn't?

What a beautiful view isn’t?

I was very tired when I reach the summit but as a reward I had this awesome view. I can tell you I don’t regret having struggled for this hiking…. 🙂

So remember, if you go to South Africa and plan to visit Cape Town, go up to Table Mountain! The view over the bay and the remote mountains is awesome!

2 Comments on Table mountain view over Cape Town!

  1. Whao, that’s incredible hiking up the Table Mountain! I went up by the cableway, the ride was awesome but hiking is great. I agree that the view from the top is amazing.

    • My initial plan was to go up by the cableway but it was closed from July 27 to August 11th. And I went there the July 27… I’d no other choice but to hike up to the top with my 10kg photo equipment in the bag on my back, without water or food… One of my best souvenir in South Africa! I’ll do it again! 🙂

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