New distinguished photos in an international competition

I stopped participating 6 months ago to photography competitions because I needed to take more pictures to send for judging. Following my travels in Thailand then in South Africa I decided this month to be back on the photography competitions with my new pictures.

I received this evening the results of a first competition, the ADRIATIC EXHIBITION 2014 with 2 more pictures that reached the acceptance level of this competition meaning that they’re part of the 20% best pictures sent for this competition.

Let me introduce a all new picture, “Disturbing” taken in Bangkok on Sukhumvit boulevard with this little girl begging for money only 1m away from luxurious cars…

Girl begging for money in Bangkok

The scene takes place at the bottom of sukhumvit 21, the big mall, nearby the stairs to go into the mall and the ones that go down to the metro.

I saw this little girl with her mom lying on this tissue and begging for some money and food. I was very uncomfortable, many people walked without seeing them, ignoring them, and with so many luxurious cars right behind this wall between sidewalk and the highway and I knew that I needed to take this picture.

As I don’t like asking people to pose to get spontaneous photos, I needed to remain natural and invisible, waiting the best moment to push the button.

Then the mother decided to leave her daughter and the tissue to get something to drink or eat, and I decided to take advantage of the situation and to get closer to take this picture with this luxurious car with smoked windows right behind the wall.

The girl saw me when I framed the scene with my camera and stared at me very deeply. So disturbing.

As I had money, I went to buy some sweeties to give them to the girl and left the place.

You can’t imagine how difficult it is to take this kind of picture with a 28mm lens because you need to be very very close of your subject, less than 1m away. You need to invade the “confort zone” of the subject. A kind of deep bond occurs at that moment and you share his pain / life with him. That’s very difficult, disturbing and strong even if it lasts only few seconds.

You may already know the other picture, “Border line” taken at Victoria Falls from Zambia side.

Victoria falls!

Victoria falls!

It’s good to be back in business! I hope having some more pictures to be distinguished in the following weeks!

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