Tormented Cape

The coast of South Africa around Cape town is really awesome and beautiful with high cliffs falling into the deep blue of the ocean. The most famous place is of course by far Cape of Good Hope and Cape point but I found False Bay beautiful too. False bay is a very huge and large bay and when you stand from one side you can hardly see the other side so much it’s wide.

Photo of the giant bay called False bay

Photo of the giant bay called False bay

Not far from this bay Atlantic ocean meets indian sea, that’s why the sea is most of the time really tumultuous but not the day I took this picture. I was a bit disappointed to see such a quiet and peaceful sea while I was expected to see large waves but instead the sky was covered by beautiful clouds spread on separate levels.

The day I went there was a day after 3 full days of heavy rains. When I left the morning, the sky was overcast with clouds and I wasn’t sure to see the sun even the weather channel had planned a nice and sunny day.

And the forecast were right… at midday the sun broke through the clouds and I had a lovely day visiting the pingouins, Cape point and the road along the coast up to Cape town! I took this picture not far after the city called Fish Hoek by framing the coast along. The clouds were beginning to dissipate and the last ones were trying to stick to the cliffs. That’s the scene I tried to shoot 🙂

I hope that next time I can take photo of the same coast but by bad weather to see how the sea can be furious!

Have a good sunny sunday! Take care!

PS: But where the hell is that bay on a map??

Easy, just have a look below 🙂

5 Comments on Tormented Cape

  1. I meant to write ‘pootle’ but spellcheck helpfully changed it to ‘Poole’!
    Maybe they appeal particularly to me because cars are meaningful to me in memorium as well as being a current interest, and because the aesthetics appeal from that perspective. Asides which they’re just great shots!

  2. Border line reminds me of oriental artwork.
    I Iike Mini Travel as it reminds me of learning to drive in my mum’s mini traveller and my early driving days in minis.
    Beetle lake is also a very iconic car viewed from an angle, as well as a wonderful scene viewed through an iconic and recognisable frame.
    I have a 1973 VW camper and see much from a similar viewpoint and I love the context that the frame adds, but rarely manage to capture it from that stance very often. So much is seen through that porthole though as I poole around. And of course the quality and composition is fantastic in your shots.

    • I don’t know what to say!! I’m really glad you like these 2 photos because I like them too very much and you describe them much better than I can do by myself!! 🙂

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