Vivitar Serie 1 – The ultimate Macro photography lens

The legendary one!

I think you’ve already noticed that I own several lens branded Vivitar Series 1 and manufactured by Kino. They were in the 80’s one of the best lens manufactured ever and were used in the cinema industry.

Unfortunately manufacturing has been given to other manufacturers in the 90’s and the quality of this lenses fell down consequently.Vivitar serie 1 105mm

I found in 2008 thanks to ebay the legendary 105mm 2.5 Macro 1:1 manufactured by Kino in an auction leaded by someone in the US who had bought a shop with may be such 50 lenses all new, still in their package and never used!

I bought quickly one for really cheap and then this person decided to rise up the price by 5 for all the remaining lenses!

This lens is really gorgeous!CocoonIt’s all manual controlled and is one of the few lenses on the market that doesn’t need any processing on computer afterwards.

Here is the perfect exemple of a picture taken with this lens. The flower is really casual but the lens was able to emphasize colors and contrast rendering. What an amazing lens!

Having one in your hands and you won’t be able to let it go!

I hope you can have one in your hand one day to understand how great can be the pleasure to work with such a manuel lens!


2 Comments on Vivitar Serie 1 – The ultimate Macro photography lens

  1. I have a Vivitar lens. Paris is my favourite city – unique atmosphere to those who are in tune with it. Des.

    • Well… I’ve to say that I’m unable to take any pictures of Paris! May be because I lived there too much time and that I don’t know how I can do differently. Every good pictures have already been taken in that city and I’m not surprized when I walk in the streets. May be in several year when I’ll back there 🙂

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