Summer time in Paris

It was a lovely day in september.

Sun was high in the sky and people had leisure time over the lawns of the beautiful park of St Germain en Laye. This city is by far the most beautiful place nearby Paris, headed west. It’s situated over a small hill and dominate Paris by 100m high.

The view is breathtaking, and the city is full of museum, small streets with biggest brands shops, chocolate handicraft shops and many other french specialties like cheese, perfume, shoes…

But the most important is the castle, once inhabited by the french kings before castle of Versailles. The castle here is surrounded by the biggest forest close to Paris and you can walk all the WE without without encountering cars.

It’s a really quiet place only 20mn far away from Paris that I suggest you to visit if once you come in Paris.

People like to come here to rest in the nature with their kids. It’s sometime the same as to be at the beaches, people playing games on the lawns, eating sandwiches, sleeping or playing football and volleyball.Leisure time on the lawns of St Germain en Laye park

The day I took this picture I’ve noticed 2 kids, that boy and a girl playing in the grass, the boy dressed as a military and seeking of things on the ground with his stick.

I was lying myself on the lawn and with my all new 300mm lens close to me. I love using this 300mm because the depth of field is beautiful when wide open, even at F4.5.

Look at this bokeh! This lens definitely worth its price, isn’t?

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