A photo trip over the roofs of Bangkok

A different view of Bangkok

DuracellWhen I was in Bangkok, the apartment of the friend who welcomed me was situated at the 13th floor of a very nice and modern building located in the south of the city, in the middle of a popular area.

I had a very beautiful view from the windows of my room and from the balcony over many roofs of smaller buildings all around me and over some other modern buildings farther away.

I want to show you today the contrast between what I could call the old Bangkok with its ancient buildings as we can expect to see in Asia and the modern ones that look very close of the skyscrapers I’m used to see in Europe.

They are almost all built on the same schema, very luxurious buildings with private and giant villa on the top of the roof.

On the contrary former buildings give an impression of pure anarchy without any homogeneity, people building as they want or able to do.Ascenceur social

As I already told in a previous post, I lite to use my 300mm to take distant view. And as with all tele lenses foregrounds and backhrounds are condensed in an unique one, giving the impression that everything rely on the same layer.

Awesome optical effect I like to use to blur the perception of the eye.

I also had a direct view over the construction of a building and it was very interesting to see all these people working, some on the walls, some on the roof, others with the welding, the pipes, electricity and so many more yet!

In this third picture, I like this multi colored bench with these 2 people having some rest after a long and tough day of work! I waited that it remains only these 2 people to take the picture, so small in the middle of this huge and noisy construction site.

Tetris benchs

You remember the game Donkey Kong, the first one? Here's its inspiration!

You remember the game Donkey Kong, the first one? Here’s its inspiration!

When I was kid I remember playing at a game made by a small japanese company named Nintendo.

This game is an arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981 and is an early example of the platform game genre where the player had to play the role of Mario trying to rescue his girlfriend kidnapped by the giant Donkey Kong ape!

You had to climb a pair of ladders to the top of a construction site by avoiding the traps sent by Donkey Kong.

I loved so much that game when I was young! It was before the first game console and I always keep in mind this marvelous time because I grew up with all this personnages that were the stars of their own game later!!

This photo from the construction site reminds me of this game with its ladders, a roof, someone holding a bag that he could throw down to the man below him like did Donkey Kong to Mario.

Don’t you agree?

PauseAnd finally a last picture today, always from the construction site with these people walking on a floor full of rubble the same way they could walk in the streets.

As you can see with the shadows, the scene takes place at the end of the day once the work has finished when the workers have some rest before leaving their work.

They probably think about the work they have to continue the next day and are happy to be back soon at home to eat and rest!

More to come next week and as usual help me to promote this blog by sharing this post with your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter or anything else!

Don’t hesitate to let comments below, I’m always keen to read them and answer. You can’t imagine how good it is for the morale to see you interacting with a post!

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