“I did it” – Hiking trip at the Canigou peak

At the top of the mythical Mount

I did it

Over the top of Catalonia!

As a catalan your learn very young that the Canigou peak is a kind of divinity, almost a living people that every catalan should have climbed at least one time in his life. Today was the first time of my life that I hike to reach the top of this peak!

The path there is really beautiful with very high and deep cliffs and reaching the top may take up to 7h to reach the top, depending where you come from.

When we’ve arrived at the summit, the sky was blue and the sun very bright while we had a 360° panoramic view over Pyrénées mountains, Mediterranée sea, the plain of Roussillon, the Costa Brava and most of the cities and villages of the region like Perpignan.

The cross you see on this photo is located at the top of the mount and this hikers took the pose at its top to have nice pictures! As the wind was very strong today, I didn’t try to climb this cross, too dangerous. But I took this picture instead!

And you, did you already reached the summit of the Canigo? Did you enjoy you hiking? Or do you plan to climb this mount in the future?

4 Comments on “I did it” – Hiking trip at the Canigou peak

  1. You remind me of my professor of Spanish many years ago, who was a very patriotic Catalan. He often talked about Mont Canigou.

    • Yes you’re right, spanish catalan are very very patriotic! They want to be independant but I think it would be a big mistake.
      But yes, the Mont Canigou is like a divinity there!

  2. That is wonderful and what a view you must have had at the summit!

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