Deconcerto – Time of my beginning as a new photographer

There is always a first step at a new life!

IDéconcerto performed my first individual exhibition in October 2011 in La Grande Motte, a leisure city in the south of France along the Mediterranean sea. This exhibition has lasted 2 full weeks and I’ve welcomed more than 700 visitors. I had a great time at this exhibition and learnt so many things because nothing is never better than experiencing by oneself.

The theme of this exhibition was architecture and more precisely the peculiar architecture of La Grande Motte that is a popular seaside resort welcoming many tourists in summer.

This city has been built in the 70’s and 80’s directly from the ponds and presents an architecture unique in the world. That’s why that city has received in 2011 the label “Heritage of the twentieth century“.

What you can see here is a part of a building of La Grande Motte with a focus over balconies at sunset, when the light plays with the buildings to create very contrasting images.

It made me think to a symphony of light and shadows and that’s why I called it “Déconcerto“, meaning something like “unconcerto” in english.

I hope you like this pictures! If you like it, you may also like more photos from this exhibition and visit this page!

Enjoy your visit!

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