A photo journey in the Middle Atlas

Photographers trip high in the Moroccan mountains!

Back in july 2013 at the Festival of Arts of Meknès, we went all for a full day in Aguelmous, a lovely remote city far in the mountains of the middle Atlas, in Morocco.

Weather was very hot and the sun high in the sky. We spent the day with the village children , sharing with them about painting, photography, poetry and in return we could attend a theatre piece performed by the children. It was a very lovely day and we were very nicely welcomed by all the village.

A journey in Aguelmous with children, Middle Atlas in Morocco

At the end of the day we went to the central place to draw paintings over a big wall with all the children of the village. While many of them were painting, other were playing football, posing for photographs, singing local songs or just watching.

The 3 pictures I present today have been taken on this big square where we were surrounded by children, all curious to see so many strangers with cameras or equipment to paint. We passed almost 3 hours here to talk with them and answering all their questions about what we were doing here as they wanted us to attend their games.

I know that some of these children would love to embrace a career as photographer or painter and many of them are my friends on facebook.Girls of Aguelmous singing arab songs

It’s very important to let these children to follow their dreams so as bring fresh blood in art. Art is too often reserved to people who can afford long artistic studies.

But, in my mind, they rarely bring something new in this art industry and that art goes round and round in circles in european countries.

As I attend international photography competitions I can see that countries in the Middle East or in Asia are by far more creative than we are now in Europe where art is used to shock people as did this obscenity installed by Paul MacCarthy on Vendôme square in Paris. This is not art anymore, it’s only a way to create the buzz to become famous. I do hate this kind of people.

Begging for candyThanks to all these “new countries”, a new fresh wind is blowing in the art! It’s going to change a lot of things in the way we usually see in art.

And it’s a kind of mission to help these children to reach their goals. They’re the new generation that is going to kick our butts in an all new way. And it’s a chance for all of us!

So refreshing and exciting! I love that!


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