One month to photograph the French cowboys of Camargue

Camera, bright sun, mosquito, horses and bull! What a program!

I’ve passed almost 1 month in Camargue last June in a ranch (here called Manade) with the owner and his cowboys.

Most people think cowboy are from USA, but they exist since far more time in France and specially in Camargue that is a piece of land surrounded by waterMediterranean sea on the south, the Rhone river on the north and east and the little Rhone on the west.

Cavalry is coming

There are many ranches located here, most of them raising cattle for butchery or games like sort of corrida but without hurting the animals.

I took this photograph when task of the cowboys was to gather cattle in order to mark them and make veterinary controls. It’s a very complex task because cattle are very fearful and don’t move easily from their pastures.

That’s why cowboys have to take them away from the main group to form smaller groups and move them to a place where they’re going to be marked.

So uneasy

When I took this picture, I was on the top of the gate of the enclosure where they park the animals. Only few seconds after this shoot, all this cattle was less than 50cm below me so I had to pay attention to the horns otherwise they could have been skewering me!

How a lovely day it has been!

4 Comments on One month to photograph the French cowboys of Camargue

  1. J’ai une préférence pour la seconde photos.
    Bonne soirée

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