Deep with the miners – My photo travel in Sardinia

A photo trip with my colleagues of UPI

I went in Sardinia last April to photograph carnivals with my UPI friends. We’ve also visited a former coal mine and I spent some time to photograph the showers of this mine.

It was so weird to think that people were working in such a bad condition, I could almost see these people with faces darkened by coal having some rest after their hard working day. Everything seemed so creepy but at the same time so alive, so true.Sanitories

I was really uncomfortable but grateful to these people who built what is Europe nowadays with our lazy life while we always complain about so small and insignificant things. 

I fear we’ve forgotten how harsh is the life and that all we have now is thanks to these people who passed their lifetime underground.

Thanks to you, our ancestors, you have allowed us to have an easier life than you had in your time.

Wish of big jump

2 Comments on Deep with the miners – My photo travel in Sardinia

  1. A tribute to the work not yet forgotten in Belgium and especially in the North of France. Mines near Charleroi in South of Belgium that I saw when I was a little child. A very long time ago. we know the direction of Charleroi. Words full of altruism and so truthful.

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