Photography trip – Walk in La Défense Business hub of Paris

The french Manhattan Business center!

Following a special request from Ava, a french blogger (visit her blog here), here are some more photos from La Défense that could be compared to Manhattan, a very huge business district with many skyscrapers and the headquarters of all the biggest french companies (as Total, Areva, Société Générale, AXA, GDF Suez, EDF and many more).

La défense 1

But La Défense is also a place where more than 20 000 people live in. There’s a big mall called “Les quatre temps” and many small markets all around. Most of the buildings there have been built in the 70’s and 80’s with a huge use of concrete everywhere. That’s why this place doesn’t look very airy

La defense 2  guilhem ribart artetic

But despite this massive effect, I do like this place! First of all because it’s an all pedestrians place! No roads crossing that area! That’s really relaxing compared to the madness of Paris with its huge amount of cars everywhere. Then the area sounds like … supernatural, especially when the sky is covered by heavy clouds…. surrealist I tell you!

And then, it is a very mixed place, business men on one side, students on the other side and tourists in between!

And as all buildings are covered by glasses, this is a dreamland for photographers! So many ways to play with lights and reflections!

Really, if you visit Paris, don’t forget to go at La Défense! It’s headed west of Paris and access is through Metro line 1 or RER A.

La defense 3 guilhem ribart artetic

6 Comments on Photography trip – Walk in La Défense Business hub of Paris

  1. Thank you for this post, and to let me see your view of this place ! I don’t know if the triangle tower will be built. There are some opponents according to a recent television report.

  2. I like the shot. Sorry I always thought la Defense was a lot of tower blocks of workers’ apartments, so never explored them further than looking at them from the top of the Eiffel Tower. I was told at the time that the city policy was to keep such high-rise development several kilometres from the city centre. Would that London had followed the example of Paris. St. Paul’s, for example has well-nigh disappeared. Its too long since I last saw Paris – one must live in hope. Des.

    • Well… La Défense is quite what you’re describing. But there’s that little thing that I like in that area! Something I don’t know how to tell 🙂
      And you’re right about the policy. But it’s going to change now because a big building is under construction in the south of Paris, the Triangle tower which is very very nice!

  3. That place looks just like a dream come true!!! Can’t wait to grow up and travel there! XDXD

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