Nice paintings in Johannesburg

Art fair dedicated place in South Africa

I was in a very lovely place last August located in the center of Johannesburg, a kind of a big hangar where you have many food stands, fashion shops, big garden and a rooftop bar playing salsa and blues music. You can pass your whole day there without getting bored!

You can find and buy plenty of artworks and handicrafts for a very cheap price so as at the end of your day you just feel relaxed!

I was visiting such a art & fashion shop when I’ve seen these 2 paintings of peaceful women.


I love this composition with the first one painting foreground and the other one background. No need to say anything, just to press the trigger of my camera and here we got the result!

Photographers use to say “the best camera is the one you’ve with you“! It couldn’t be more true here because I had not planned to take any picture that day and only took with me my little tiny Ricoh GR camera.

It was perfectly suited to the place, as everytime when I go hunting in an urban area!

Does anyone can tell me what is the name of this place? I’m sure you can help me!

4 Comments on Nice paintings in Johannesburg

  1. Hi, Guilhem, thanks for following my blog. Your photography is really beautiful. I like that you let your camera do the work, rather than relying on photo editing software. I think that it makes it more difficult for you, the photographer to get a good shot. I love the two paintings that you took a photo of in Johannesburg. Do you know who the artist is?

    • Thank so much for your kind work!
      Regarding photo editing, I think that trying to limit their use to focus on the composition and the scene is a good thing! Eventually, everyone can recognize when a photo has been heavily edited! It’s like fashion photography! We all know that the photos we see isn’t the reality! And it’s coming to be fashion now to edit less the photos!
      Things are moving, and it’s a good new! I’m just “fed up” to be beaten in competition by this “heavily edited photos”. But even there the real photographers desert these competitions to focus on true photos competitions 🙂
      Regarding the paintings in Johannesburg, I unfortunately can’t tell you 😦 if I had the reference I would have put in my article but I don’t 😦
      May be I’ll go in that place before my departure. I’ll go there with my photo to find the information. So, stay connected and please, don’t hesitate to remind me 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this paintings, there are beautiful

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