SOWETO – A photo trip inside the most famous South African township

A quiet place, easy to photograph

I went today into Soweto, the famous township around Johannesburg and I must say that… it is very different from what I thought and seems very safe during the day.

Houses here are not surrendered by high walls with electric fences and people seem really peaceful.

Small vegetable shop in Soweto

This is really different from areas like Sandton or worst, Johannesburg where even walking in the streets can be stressful and scarry. I was told this is because thieves and robbers are heading towards rich areas to steal people during the day. Was that a joke? I can’t be sure.

The township that housed 2 Nobel prizes: Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu

Vilakazy street

Vilakazi street is the only one in the world to have housed two Nobel Prize winners

But for sure I spent on my side a very lovely day there by visiting most of tourism places like Vilakazi street that is the only one in the world to have housed two Nobel Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.
Rivonia treason trial

Of course reference to Nelson Mandela is made throughout Soweto as with this graffiti drawn on a wall about his trial in 1964 after he’s been arrested and put in jail. But it can also be artworks, posters, portraits or anything else, in every aspect of the life.

Bus in Soweto

Students and scholars have always been at the head of the protests here, like in June 1976 and the death of Hector Pieterson. Most of the students here in Soweto wear an uniform to go to school or University.

And I see there for the first time in RSA public transportation that seem working well with dedicated lane for the buses. Buses seem to be well maintained and clean and I’m sure that many cities like Paris might be inspired.

On this last picture, I can ensure that the bus was almost empty and that these boys were practicing this dangerous game just to have some fun. Why not? They’re young! 🙂

Well, I hope I give you some interest to go visiting Soweto. It is very far from what we usually see on TV and it’s always a good thing to see something different!

And, as usual, if you intend to visit a place, try not being or acting like a tourist or worst, as a french tourist and all will be fine for you!

2 Comments on SOWETO – A photo trip inside the most famous South African township

  1. fantastic photos, i will be back in africa soon!

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