What’s the decisive moment in photography?

A term coined by the great Henri Cartier Bresson

For me, one of the most complex photograph to take is what we call “Decisive moment”. Most of the people know Henri Cartier Bresson, the very famous one who almost “invented” this kind of photography.

Decisive moment is very difficult to apprehend because as a definition this is a moment that won’t never happen again:

“Oop! The Moment! Once you missed it, it is gone forever.”

4 years ago I was lucky to attend the wedding of my best friend. At this occasion, I was carrying my pentax camera to cover the wedding.

My own interpretation

This photo, one of my favorite has been taken in a bar just after the ceremony.

And suddenly she stared at me!

And suddenly she stared at me!

I know pretty well this girl and I knew I wanted to take a picture of her, but nothing prepared, just as a moment.

I was wondering how I could frame a nice photo of her because I had that feeling that I could have something good in that place. My only concern was how to discreetly catch her attention so as to get something natural and spontaneous. And then, suddenly but slowly, she started to look in my direction!

My camera was ready and well configured, I pressed the trigger and here is the result.

How lucky I was!

10 Comments on What’s the decisive moment in photography?

  1. Great shot! She’s a beauty, great timing on this!

  2. Sir, I sooooooooooooo love this picture! I wish someday I can do something like this. I’m still new to SP but with blogs like yours which I find very inspiring, the drive to pursue this art form and get better is getting stronger and stronger. Much Love for the follow and like. I really appreciate i. Cheers! – JR (RbjslimmFotolens)

    • Thank you my friend! There’s no reason you can’t do this kind of photo soon!
      I’m glad my blog can inspire you, it’s always better to share our experiences and shots!

    • Yeah, it’s always cool to study the shots of vets like you Sir. Gives you a different perspective and make you realize we all have different styles. 🙂

    • Well… I’m not that vet! I only started to take photo in 2005 with my first camera ever 🙂
      I’m really new in photography world 🙂

    • Hahaha! Cool! I just started last July 2014 when I bought my X100s. (what’s your camera btw if it’s ok to ask) Hehehe! I’ve always love taking pictures during my travels. Looking forward on your future work Sir. Cheers!

    • I’m working with a Pentax K3 DSLR and a RIcoh GR! The latter is a beautiful masterpiece!
      I had once a X100, a very good one. But since, they put the X Trans sensor inside and my software doesn’t recognize it 😦
      But the X100s is a damn good camera!

  3. Jolie prise, et en effet, un bel exemple d’un “moment décisif”… sympa, la petite histoire autour de cette photo.

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