Hiking trip in the French Pyrenees mountains with my camera

Stop fire, I don’t pretend to know everything!

Today is sunday, the sun is shining high in the sky in Johannesburg following a Saturday full of rain and thunderstorms! Thanks to this quiet time, I’m wondering this morning how could I have expected so many feedbacks about my yesterday post about Patpong Red Light district?

I understand that this post certainly have shocked people in one way or another, but as a photographer I don’t only sharing my photographs, I also share my feelings about them.

I don’t pretend knowing everything on earth, specially when I’m travelling overseas. I’m here only to testify what I see. My work is not to judge or condemn. But I can’t also condone what I see even if this is through my european eyes without knowledge about local context.

But, once again, I’m very glad to receive such comments because sharing different points of view is the beginning of sharing thoughts and a first step to know each other.

And here the main point! So please, to all of you, continue to tell me what you think, whether you like it or not what I say!

Door to freedom

Back in my archives

So, today, I post here something old in my archives, taken in 2008 when I was still practicing my first steps in photography. This shot has been taken in the french Pyrenees, at the Bouillouses lake that is an artificial lake whose intention is to produce electricity for the train that goes from Perpignan to Font Romeu.

That a really beautiful and peacefull place, so relaxing, particularly in winter when its access isn’t easy and needs hours of hiking in the snow to reach it.

The door you see is the panel that show the fees of the refuge where I was staying.

I like this improbable composition, how could I have expected to see such a door planted in the snow? Which access it seeks to prevent?

Well, sometime it’s better not trying to explain things but just admire them!

Happy sunny sunday to everyone!

4 Comments on Hiking trip in the French Pyrenees mountains with my camera

  1. Madiha Hussain // 9 November 2014 at 3:13 PM // Reply

    hi great blog, i love it 🙂 also please could you check out mine and give it a follow, it’d mean a lot, thank you if you find the time 🙂

  2. You should really deserve a show on NatGeo People!!!!!

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