(dis)Connected life – Are we mad of connected devices?

Awaiting my flight to Johannesburg with my camera

I give you today a photo taken at Mohammed V airport at Casablanca (Morocco)! It was the day before Ramadan and the boarding hall was full of people, most of them on the way back to their country to pass the fasting with their family.

Disease of the modern life

Disease of the modern life

As now in almost every place of the world, people own their own mobile or laptop and instead of talking with their neighbor they were all chatting on their mobile or doing some stuff with their connected devices. And as we are all used now, these devices always need electricity to function and many of them were plugged at that stand to get recharged!

It’s sad to see people spending more time on their mobile to talk with their relatives or with other people. You can see children under 10 having their own mobile and browsing all the time on internet.

I understand that some people use their mobile or connected devices for work. And I’m one of the first to act like this. But, do we really need to have lunch with family or friends and chatting at the same time on mobile? Absolutely not! This is disrespectful and serious! Our modern society is completely sick, upside down!

Social or antisocial devices?

I know I spend more than 7 hours a day on my mobile or laptop because I need to work on my photos, on my catalog, to post every day an article on this blog, answering people who kindly send messages or comments and finding out a way to increase the number of my visitors. It’s all about work, but I know that I try to do this work when I’m alone and not with other people.

I work at home, it means that when people come to visit me it’s not for working or seeing me working. So I try to switch off my devices to spend time with people and talk with them!

Modern life has granted us with very powerful devices that help to improve our way to work. For example we are now able to work at home as if we are in our office. As for me, I can make my work as a photographer all around the world. The only thing I need is my computer and an internet connection.

But, we should not all forget that we are humans and that we need to be physically sociables with other people, friends and family. Connected devices are great, we just need to not forget that they’re not life!

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