There’s is nothing more amazing on earth than the Great Pyramids!

How difficult it is to photograph the weight of history

There are places like this one when you feel something strong, something almost oppressing so much it is strong!

It’s not really what I could called a beautiful place. They’re “only” blocks of carved stones laid on top of each other and historians are agreements to say it was much more beautiful time of their construction. What we can see now are only the “leftovers”, the body structure without its skin.

Horse pyramidsBut well, I really love history! I’ve started with the old greek mythology, then I quickly moved to the Egyptian history, several millenaries old, and the Roman empire! And I’ve to say that being in front of these pyramids is quite the same feeling than being in Rome!

I could feel the weight of the history laid on my shoulders! It is a fabulous feeling, standing here where the Great History has been made, where so many great people have been before and fought to defend their culture!

But who can be sure about the way they were built?

Something really amazing is that we don’t even know for sure when these pyramids have been build and how! How can seriously believe that they’ve been built with only rudimentary tools? You can’t imagine how much it’s massive and huge until you see them and touch them! Many scientists and engineers say that our current civilization would be incapable to build such a marvel! So imagine, more than 5 millenniums ago…

Unfortunately, the city is now starting to completely encircle this place by the north and the east.

It’s just a matter of time before the pyramids become a part of the city. And it’s really sad because, personally, I haven’t felt or smelt the magic of this place! It’s really noisy with all these cars not really far away.

A site deserted by tourists

More disturbing, you’re never alone there because all local people try to draw your attention to make you buy all sort of stuff or to tell you that they’re the best to make you visit the complex. And I don’t even mention the huge pollution…

When I went there, it was last december 2013. Since 2 years, tourists have deserted the country because of the troubles there so when the guides see one tourist, they all gather around him to be the one who guide him.

But I think that despite of that it’s really a good period to visit Egypt because once I’ve been there, you quite alone and you can visit monuments without being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists. 

13 Comments on There’s is nothing more amazing on earth than the Great Pyramids!

  1. Beautiful! A superb shot!

  2. Nice. the horses add an original twist to this much photographed place.

  3. Great photo of a much captured subject

  4. I would not mind feeling special as being one of the scarce tourists over there. Years ago hubby wanted to go to Egypt, but now he is scared. I am all for taking risks 😀 I love the perspective in this shot. Did you intend it for Landmark theme? I did not see any tags to Photo101.

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