Egyptian bakery in Cairo – Probably the best bread in the world!

Smoke breadThe day I realized that not everyone eat bread!

You know as a french guy I like bread, more especially good bread. And I’m telling you one thing, it’s really difficult to find out good bread even in France.

Moroccan bread is quite good, sometimes much better than what you can buy in a classic french bakery. Thai bread… I won’t speak about this, it’s not bread… German bakeries are good but their black bread is quite heavy to eat. Italian bread is good but not as much as the french one.

The Egyptian bread, almost the best!

But there’s a country where I’ve really appreciate their local breads, its Egypt! They’ve 2 main kind of bread, a white one and a whole wheat bread. The latter is by far the better I’ve eaten there.

The bread crumbs is just delicious and the crust is perfectly crisp!

I’m telling you, when I was there I didn’t miss at all the french baguette!

Luckily, my egyptian friends made me visit a typical egyptian bakery the day before my departure. All there is manual made, only helped by some mechanical and rustic machines.

A typical egyptian bakery

This bakery is used to provide the 2 types of egyptian bread to all the district and is working 24 hours a day every day of the week, included week end.

Most of the labor are young, around 20 years old and they work really hard in this small bakery where the heat is really intense because of the wood oven that is turned on all the time.

You can see on this picture the one in charge of baking bread, sweating all the day in front of the over and having for only break the right to smoke a cigarette.

I took many photographies in that place but this one is my favorite because the oven is really the centerpiece of every bakeries in the world, the place where all the magic happens!

6 Comments on Egyptian bakery in Cairo – Probably the best bread in the world!

  1. J’aime beaucoup un bon pain romariné comme dans les restaurants italiens. En Trinité, nous avons un pain s’appelle “hops”, mais je ne suis pas sûre s’il ressemble les autres pains autour le monde, que vous pouviez comparer.

  2. I like your post. I’m not a big bread eater but I like to try my hand at baking it and giving it for gifts. Thanks for following my blog. Blessings.

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