How to define Warmth in one photograph? – The challenge of the day!

What are the best times to take photographs?

A very interesting theme suggested today by Photography 101 challenge: “Warmth, ideally using the sun as your source“!

Well, this is truly a great challenge to take such a picture of warmth. It’s relatively easy to get warmth by photographing people together, but what about the sun? If you take a picture with the sun as background and if you don’t use a flash to enlighten the shadows then you’ll see nothing on your foreground.

And I hate using flash! Definitely!

So, what could I do?

Sunrises and sunsets, the best time to capture lights!

What could I propose as a photograph for this daily challenge? I wanted a photo with the sun, but not too high in the sky otherwise we can’t see anything else but the sun.

Well, there are 2 times during the day perfectly suited to take photographs! It’s at dawn and at sunset! At that time we can photography the sun because it’s not too bright yet and colors are most of the time beautiful!

So I wondered to myself “I need to see the sun in my photo, but the sun at sunrise or sunset“… I remember I was in Bangkok last may and that one day I took many and many pictures of sunset from my room because the sky was really beautiful with a lot of nice colors!

So I give you today this marvelous sunset over Bangkok, taken from the 12th floors of the building where I lived.

Sunset over Bangkok

What’s next? The storm!

The funny thing related to this photo and far from our warmth topic of today is that a terrible storm reached the capitale with heavy rains and terrible lightnings only 1 or 2 hours after I took this photo,

It was really scary because the wind was very blowing very strong lifting many objects from the ground to reach and bang my windows at the 12th floor!

Additionally we also faced a 3 or 4 hours power outage in the middle of the night as most of the city. And I’m telling you, be trapped in an apartment at the 12th floor, all windows closed and with no conditioner, an outside temperatures at at least 29°C outside and 35°C full of moisture inside… that was a great experience!

Well, what a lovely night that night!! 🙂

11 Comments on How to define Warmth in one photograph? – The challenge of the day!

  1. I’m completely new in the “blogs” phenomenon but I can say yours is very inspiring…

  2. Lovely sillouettes!

  3. I love the photograph, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  4. I suppose that would describe warmth!

  5. Good composition, nice skyline. Well done!

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