As a photographer, do not cross the yellow line!

Let the color stir emotions through photography!

Photography101 assignment is twofold today! On one side it’s about “Pop of Color“, quite easy to tackle, but the chosen color must impact the overall image and its story telling! A really interesting challenge for a Monday.

I don’t usually pay attention to the colors into my photographs. I prefer most of the time paying attention to people or lines in architecture as I did with my exhibition at La Grande Motte or at VISA Off Festival.

And while I particularly like Black and White photographs, I often remove all the colors from my images to keep only what I consider the most important, I mean the composition of the scene by abstracting every perturbing factors like could be the colors.

But why not, let’s try!

A photo, I need a photo… let me go back to my archive

I’ve beautiful colored photographs but nothing in relation with the today assignment I could post on my blog today… I could try to publish a photograph of a beautiful blue graffiti painted over a wall in Paris, but the blue color doesn’t add anything to the composition because it already IS the subject of the composition! So, useless…

Oh yes, I have such a photograph!

I remember having a photograph taken in La Grande Motte (once again...) that is a mix between a dirty wall of a parkade and a yellow line that makes the split between the road and the sidewalk. I’d never used this picture before or at least in such a purpose, so please welcome today “Tetris“! I think you’re going to easily understand why I named it like that!

A journey through the architecture of La Grande Motte

This photograph has been of course dealed in a post processing software. Mine is Darktable because I only use open source software. This one is really powerful and you can handle a lot of works with it! Well, it’s not Lightroom but, on my side, I don’t consider people intensively using Lightroom or worst, Photoshop, as being still photographers.

Well…. I do like this photograph! Most of it is composed of large and dirty concrete blocks to form a kind of building and there’s only a small tiny yellow line at the bottom, like in the famous Tetris video game where you need to form uninterrupted lines to make them disappear to continue playing and indefinitely assemble blocks.

Evidently, in this live Tetris Game, builders lost their Tetris party and they’re gone, forgetting to switch off their Game Over screen….

8 Comments on As a photographer, do not cross the yellow line!

  1. Love the yellow pop in the image. I’m a photoshop user and I have the same opinion of photos, the less you have to edit the more natural it looks.
    There’s nothing wrong with touching up more if taken in bad light but over-touched photos just makes it feel unreal.

    • Yes, you’re right! All photographers edit their RAW to enhance lights and shadows. It’s just I think it’s good not to over touched photo as you say! 🙂

  2. “I don’t want to cheat….”
    I’m just a lowly hobby photo shooter. It’s a schizophrenic sweets-shop therein with endless eye-candy. I’d be lucky if I ever made it to 2 or three of the places your camera has ever been. Suffice to say, I’m torn (with my own shots) between observing that an original must never be touched and shots visual manipulative touches can’t cascade well into enough.
    Editing for whatever reason does takes time. Your view to limit such is very valid and wise for anyone with their camera to keenly observe. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for clarifying your position on PS and LR. However, as a (former) darkroom printer in both color and black and white, I can say that local manipulations in the print (or file) are essential to getting the most impact out of a photo. It’s an artists way of self expression and these tools are as necessary in digital as in film based photography. Of course, that’s just my opinion but I can say, after over 40 years in photography, I have never had a negative, slide or file that didn’t benefit from some sort of manipulation. That said, I see some fine work on your site and you must be doing something right to be have such wonderful images.

    • I totally agree with you! Of course I spend lot of time to work on my photos. But I limit myself with the editing. I don’t want to cheat with them 🙂
      I want my work sticking to the original shot 🙂

  4. Interesting assignment and I like the photo very much. I wonder if you can clarify your view on Lightroom and Photoshop users. I guess I don’t understand.

    • Actually, LR is by far the best RAW files editing software on the market, I’m just jealous because I can’t use it on Linux 😉
      By the way, my main concern with Photoshop is that this software is too powerful. I mean it’s for graphical, to make deep changes on pictures, like adding artificial effects or remove artifacts. For instance I don’t like seeing all these artificial sunset that are too far from the original shots.
      My fear with LR is that it’s now possible to apply local changes on the picture.
      For me, applying local changes on a pictures isn’t anymore in the “spirit” of photography. It’s graphic work. And losing in competition against such photo isn’t fair. I don’t want or like passing more time to edit a photo than taking pictures on the ground 😦

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