Light and shadows playing with peculiar architectural curves and lines

What being a photographer?

Today Photography 101’s assignment is about Black and White Architecture. As you may have already read on this blog, I’ve made my first step as photographer with Architecture Photography. I can’t really say that Architecture is my first love but for sure, there’s nothing easier to photograph than all these buildings! They don’t move, they are not shy, they don’t look at you and, more important, they don’t judge you!

What being a photographer? Are you a photographer if you own one beautiful and expensive camera? Of course not! By the way, nowadays we are all somehow photographers because we all own a device which can take picture: a compact camera, a DSLR, a mobile, a tablet, Google glasses, Go Pro camera and so many more!

In my opinion, being a photographer is to accept to showcase his own photographs to an audience wider than just family. It’s to accept that someone else than you can judge your work, whether it is appreciated or not.

The day I became a photographer

And I’m telling you, there is nothing more frightening than showing his photographs so unknown people, hearing them saying “hum… interesting” or “erf, ugly work”!

That’s why I say that I became a photographer the day I performed the opening of my first exhibition, in 2011 in La Grande Motte. I’d never been so stressed than here with so many people watching my photos hanged on the walls… Another scary moment have been when the Mayor made is speech in front all the gathered people (around 100 people), saying how much he likes my work dedicated to the architecture of his city.

And then… came my own speech…  I don’t know how I performed but I’m still alive and this exhibition was a great success with more than 700 visitors in 2 weeks and a guest book with more than 140 nice words written in here!

Ok thank you, but why is he telling us all of that?

Because tPeculiar architecture buildings of La Grande Motte as designed by Jean Balladur, the famous architecthis first exhibition was about Architecture of course! And because there plenty architecture photographs in this blog! That’s why my main concern today is to choose what new photograph I am going to showcase here for this assignment?

Well, this is not really a new photo because you can already see it in the portfolio of my first exhibition. But I decided few months ago to convert many of these photographs in Black and White to get a more contrasted rendering, something really dark in the shadows contrasting with the brightness of the lights.

The building on this picture is kind of funny because it looks like a giant bird! The curved lines are supposed to be the feathers, the swimming pool in the garden the body of the bird and on the top of the roof there is a kind of stylized bird head!

You really should visit la Grande Motte, but not in July or August to go on the beach but just before or after the summer! And if you like Architecture, I bet you could also become a photographer!

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  1. I quite like your definition of a photographer 🙂

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