O time, suspend your flight! – Decisive moment and street photography

The importance of Moment in photography

There is one main reason why I prefer the photography over video it’s because I think that taking photographies that speak to the hearts of people is by far more difficult than making movies. But please, don’t misunderstand me!

I don’t want to say that making video is easy. Of course not! it’s really time consumming and it’s a whole team to manage. But when you practice street photography, you take pictures of Moments, of scenes that won’t never happen again spontaneously! And that’s why Street Photography is really, to my mind, by far the most difficult part of all the photography disciplines.

Because you need to be at the good place at the good moment and be prompted to react to take the shot!

When you shoot for fashion or make a video, well… you’ve paid your studio and your model / actors for the whole day. It doesn’t really matter if your shot is bad, you can reproduce it very easily because you manage the lights, your subjects and everything is staged to let you do your work. The script has been written before and anyone knows what he’s supposed to do!

Street photography, a totally different work

In street photography, when you “hunt” into the streets, you’re in “danger“!

You’re an intruder, people don’t know you and for sure they’ve seen you and they wonder about you! That’s why you need to make contact, at least eye contact followed by a big smile to show that you’re not a potential danger and that you intend to integrate into the scene. Otherwise people remain wary. And you know that you’re going to have nice shots when people don’t even notice your presence anymore, that you’re part of them!

At that time, you can take very lovely Moment photographs and see people in their real life!

Everything in one shot!

Use of small depth of field at a pool gameThere’s a very important point with the photography that makes the difference with videos.

You know your photography is good if you don’t need to explain it! When the audience see a photography, they need to understand everything at a glance! If they don’t, your photography is missed!

With a video, you can explain what you want to show. Everything is in the narrative and the pace of the movie! I don’t say it’s easy, I’m saying you can! And that’s because you can that it’s difficult to do it well!

This is what makes your film is good or bad!

Scorsese, Nolan, Kubrick are very great movies directors because they’re storytellers! At the opposite film directors like Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich are really bad storytellers and produce brainless movies. And that’s why I like their movies! Because I know that I can switch off my brains for 2 hours and that I’m going to be visually dazzled by the images and actions!

Photography is really a complicated art.

You need to be yourself all the roles of the scene but that of the actor. You’ve to be the storyteller, the photography director, the photo technician and so many things at the same time, in your own person!

And you get a nice shot only when you are all of them at the top at the same moment!

Not really easy isn’t?


12 Comments on O time, suspend your flight! – Decisive moment and street photography

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’m looking forward to your photos and posts.

  2. Great shot! Love it.

  3. perfect shot !!

  4. Great billiards shot!

  5. I understand your blog. Unfortunately, you blog is spamming me with post entries. I’m terribly sorry, but I will have to unfollow you. Nothing personal. I don’t like a lot of email of content I easily find on the reader. Good luck on your future endeavors. Thank you.

    • Oh yes, I understand! I had the same before but in the settings of your dashboard you can easily change that! That’s what I did!
      And you’re right, the reader is really useful! That’s how I do myself 🙂
      Thank you for your kind work 🙂

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